ToDs Town Hall Meeting


Ep.#8 of ToDs Town Hall Meeting

March 26, 2020

- 01. 00:00:01 Welcome back / Show road map & Guest introductions

- 02. 00:02:13 Reforged: What you would like to see improved

- 03. 00:13:33 ToD Invitational

- 04. 00:22:51 VortiX_93's new team

- 05. 00:24:18 SwordPuppy banned / You need to watch what you say

- 06. 00:53:10 New tournament format

- 07. 01:02:33 Cup News

- 08. 01:30:38 Pad's ladder W3 Champions

- 09. 01:40:33 Discussing WC3 balance

- 10. 02:32:57 Final thoughts / Wrap up & Thanks for watching

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